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Townsville Museum has a comprehensive collection of limited edition Books for sale by well known North Queensland Authors. Browse through our range on this site and order online. Follow the link to place an order. New releases will be coming soon.

Townsville in War and Peace 1942 - 1946
Price: $40

This informative book evokes a forgotten city of anti-aircraft guns, bomb shelters and troop carriers at Kissing Point. Photographs throughout the book bring life to the words and give readers glimpses of how things were in Townsville during WW2

Goldfields That Made Townsville
Price: $33.00

This book investigates the goldfields of Cape River, Ravenswood and Charters Towers which assisted in the development of Townsville and formed two of the north’s biggest inland towns, Ravenswood and Charters Towers.

Frontier Town
Price: $30.00

Helga Griffin’s book gives insight into issues that affected Townsvilleans in the first two decades of Townsville’s life. It is an informative study of the history of the town and its economy which was so dependent on the resource rich hinterland.

Asleep in the Deep: a love lost on the SS Yongala
Price: $20.00

“The book is based on information from a 1911 diary kept by Georgina O”Brien who lost her husband of 6 weeks on the SS Yongala.”

55 Days in Korea
Limited Edition
Price: $20.00

Private Larry Low arrived in Korea the day before his 20th birthday and was killed in action just 55 days later. Larry’s letters home have survived. The book also provides a brief contextual history of 3 RAR’s formation and involvement in the “Forgotten War”.

Mogoer Munya: Man from the Clouds
Price: $39.95

This book tells the full story of James Morrill who at the age of 21 was shipwrecked 1000km from the north Queensland coast. Morrill lived for 17 years with the Birri-Gubba Bindal.

Neither Mischievous Nor Meddlesome : The remarkable lives of North Queensland’s independent midwives 1890 – 1940
Price: $40

This is the fascinating story of North Queensland women who tirelessly devoted their lives to the service of others, but have largely been forgotten by the communities in which they lived and worked.

Queen City of the North : A History of Townsville
Price: $35.00

This book is a leisurely stroll through some of the fascinating aspects of the Queen City’s history since its settlement in 1864.

Gateway To A Golden Land
Price: $10.00

Townsville to 1884.

33 Miles to Rollingstone
Price: $15.00

The stories of many early settlers and families are recorded in this book.

A History of the Bohle Plains
Price: $10.00

Traces the history of the Bohle’s development from rural to residential and considers the environmental and social changes that have occurred through settlement.

A Christmas Card In April
Price: $16.00

Station life on the Palmer River in the 1940s and 1950s.

A Cup Of Tea, A Bex And A Good Lie Down
Price: $15.00

Medication abuse in Australia.

From Bush To Station
Price: $11.00

Aboriginal labour in the North Queensland pastoral industry 1861-1897.

Bowly Papers
Price: $22.00

Letters 1873-78, Reminiscences, & Photographs 1873-91, of C.W. Bowly in North Queensland.

Partner In Progress
Price: $11.00

A history of electricity supply in North Queensland from 1897 to 1987.

Race Relations In North Queensland
Price: $16.00

A collection of experiences from around the north.

Peripheral Visions
Price: $16.00

Essays on Australian regional and local history.

Sotto La Croce Del Sud
Price: $11.00

The Jumna immigrants of 1891.

News From Nulla
Price: $10.00

Correspondence of Rebecca and George Cain, 1886 to 1877.

Well Beaten Paths
Price: $16.00

Aborigines of the Herbert Burdekin District, North Queensland. An ethnographic and archaeological Study.

Letters From Laura
Price: $11.00

A bush schoolmaster in Cape York Peninsula 1892-96.


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