The Townsville Museum is the only museum whose displays are solely dedicated to the history of Townsville. The Museum's document collections extend beyond the Townsville area into the North Queensland hinterland, and provide researchers with valuable resource material.


The Townsville Museum was established in 1984 and opened its doors in 1985 in the historic Magistrates Court building in Sturt Street. In 2003 the Museum moved to its present location behind the Ambulance Centre in Hugh Street, Currajong. Townsville Museum and Historical Society is Townsville’s only museum solely dedicated to preserving its fascinating history.

Townsville Museum provides researchers with valuable resource material which extends beyond the Townsville area to the northern hinterland.

Hall One tells the stories of some of Townsville’s early business pioneers, medical professionals and craftsmen together with fascinating artifact displays.

Hall Two features our larger exhibits and traces Townsville’s history from the time of European settlement.

Throughout the year, Townsville Museum features specialty displays, participates in Heritage Week and recognizes special anniversary events relating to the fascinating history of Townsville.

Museum Location Map